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Librobreve (a blog about short books: fiction, non-fiction, poetry)


alce naming blog (reflections about brand and product naming)


World War I Bridges (a project about First World War legacies)


Roces (the company I work for)


Download the *.pdf with art works (2011-2017)















Abbiamo fatto una gran perdita, Oèdipus, 2018




I piani eterni, La collana Isola, Bologna 2014

(illustrations by Nicolò Pellizzon)


Traviso, Prufrock spa, Rovigo 2014

(special mention of the jury Premio Marazza 2015)


Pertiche, La Vita Felice, Milano 2012

(preface by Gian Mario Villalta)


Grave, Editrice Zona, Arezzo 2008 (preface by Fabio Franzin)


Vicine scadenze, Editrice Zona, Arezzo 2004

(preface by Antonio Turolo, Premio APS 2004)




Una speculazione sul grano, Amos, Venezia 2012

(A Deal in Wheat by Frank Norris)


Canzoni per la scomparsa, Fazi Editore, Roma 2011

(Songs for the Missing by Stewart O’Nan)


Duluth, Fazi Editore, Roma 2007

(Duluth by Gore Vidal)




Brand naming. Il nome all’interno del sistema-marca, Cleup, Padova 2005 (preface by Flavia Ursini)




Reading with percussionist Lucio Bonaldo of the book Traviso published by Prufrock spa (2014)


Radio interview with Loredana Lipperini, Fahrenheit, Rai Radio 3.


Reading and video of I piani eterni published by La collana Isola (2014)


Reading of the short poem dedicated to World War One along the Piave River (together with the percussionist Lucio Bonaldo, Treviso, 19.03.2016)


Booktrailer for Traviso, published by Prufrock spa (2014)


Radio interview by Azzurra D’Agostino about the book Grave (2008)


Song taken from the album Alorconfusa (Mellow Records) released with my band Apryl (2002)


Song taken from the album Alorconfusa (Mellow Records) released with my band Apryl (2002)


A song (mp3) taken from Dis/integrato, an album by L’imbroglio. Here I play the guitar (2010)




I live in this Italian village


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